Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Rejuvenating your carpet after having it fall victim to either leakage or flooding problems can be tricky. The care referred to should be immediate and professional to spare it from potential disfiguration as well as, depending on the water type, the health of your family. With their knowledge, the experience, and not disregarding the tools available, hiring experts for water damage carpet cleaning is your best decision to save this treasure.

The Cleaning Process

The fact that we are facilitated to manage these jobs efficiently and effectively in less time, especially if your carpet has been wet for longer than a 24-hour period, we suggest that you do not seek a DIY approach but rather get our help in restoring it.

Inspecting the Rug

In order to know that your carpet can still be saved and not discarded, we need to first determine the source of your floodwater, i.e. whether it is the unhealthy, contaminated unsanitary or black water or the comparatively cleaner sanitary water. What we do, therefore, is to evaluate the required cleaning on individual need-basis.


In case your situation includes dealing with sanitary water excess, the carpet can be restored to its previous condition once the water source has been eliminated, the carpet completely dried with your assurance that there was minimal traffic on the carpet during that stage. Fans and a wet/dry vacuum system beside open windows are employed to speed the drying time to reduce any growth of mold. For a dehumidifier to successfully remove moisture in the air, it is necessary to keep all the windows closed.

Further Steps For Water Damage Cleaning

Any furniture is also removed to avoid further damage or stain to the carpet. Since most of the carpeting comes along with tack strips, the carpet, too, should be removed and the padding discarded. This is because while it is impossible to clean the latter, you can still manage to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

If it was the unsanitary flooding such as the overflows from the dishwasher, it is crucial that disinfectants be used to remove the persistence of any bacterial contamination within it. Most of the carpeting these days has nylon as its basic constituents and therefore, special care is taken not to treat them with bleach while shampooing them once they are completely dried and vacuumed once